Lifetime Guarantee

It's because Perth Modular Homes products are innovatively designed, expertly built and rigorously tested that we are able to guarantee each item for longer than any other home improvement company.

At Perth Modular Homes Australia, our quality is assured and our guarantee really means something, offering peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

We never expect customers to take our word for it, though.

Instead, we voluntarily push for accreditations with the most neutral bodies in the industry, including the Housing Industry Association (HIA) the official body of Australia's home building industry.

Plus, should you sell your property, you can transfer your guarantees to a new property owner, subject to a transfer fee. For transferred lifetime guarantees, we will offer 20-years' cover from the date of installation for the new owner.

Our industry leading guarantees include:

  • Windows
    • Lifetime guarantee against fog and condensation between the panes of the sealed units
    • 25-year guarantee against decolourisation of the profile on Aluminium windows
    • Comprehensive 10-year guarantee as standard on all new windows

  • Doors
    • 30-year guarantee against rot or fungi on our timber doors
    • 25-year guarantee on the aluminium profile and the colour finish of our aluminium doors
    • 10-year guarantee as standard on the whole door across our range

  • Alfresco Rooms
    • 25-year guarantee on the profile of our aluminium Alfresco's
    • 10-year guarantee 10-year comprehensive guarantee on all materials and workmanship

  • Roof Trim
    • 10-year guarantee on all other roofline colours
    • 10-year guarantee on guttering and downpipes

  • Artificial Grass
    • 10-year guarantee Grass
    • 10-year guarantee on workmanship and installation

We'd love to tell you more!

With local consultants all over Perth, we'd be happy to come and meet with you to listen to your requirements, show you real-life samples and provide a free no-obligation quote.